A new look for Eriksberg

A new look for Eriksberg


Iconic Swedish beer brand Eriksberg has succeeded in the Swedish market. With several new launches and extensions, the brand has continued to grow and expand across the beer landscape. However, expansion sometimes comes with the price of incoherence within the look and feel of ranges.

We at NINE are proud to have been awarded the task of updating and unifying the Eriksberg brand. The update has been intricately developed to respect the core brand values and build on the brand’s unique signifiers. Hence, creating a contemporary and premium look and feel, while maximizing shelf impact. The key element has been incorporating the brand’s roulette pattern (think Spirograph) into all products. Crafting the contrasts between transparent and opaque surfaces, as with matte and glossy finishes has been essential throughout the process. A process which has also required a close collaboration with the can-printers at Ball.

The result: a re-ignited ambition from Eriksberg that inspires the sharing of truly inspirational and meaningful stories, told by a design with depth and dimensions, reflecting the character of the liquid inside.

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