How UX writing sparks your brand performance

Urban Björnström

Have you ever struggled with unclear instructions and complex functions using a digital service? If so, you know how a bad user experience can leave you feeling frustrated and disengaged. But what about good user experiences? They’re seamless, effortless, and leave you feeling empowered and satisfied. Somehow, everything from design and copy to structure and content works in harmony, making it easy and enjoyable to use the service from onboarding to sign-up or purchase, much thanks to UX writing.

It’s no surprise that the rise of digital businesses and mobile services has made brand and user experience more intertwined than ever. As a concept developer and copywriter, I recognised the value of upgrading my skills to include UX writing, hoping to learn how to create a user-friendly digital interface that aligned with a brand’s core values and voice. So, what do copywriting and UX writing have in common, what sets them apart? And how could this emerging discipline enhance the brand experience? Let’s dive into the basics.

Creating clarity, from start to finish

On the one hand, your focus as a copywriter is much on marketing ideas, products, services, and brands across a variety of channels and touchpoints. On the other hand, a UX writer is responsible for guiding users through digital interfaces with clear, easy-to-understand language. This includes everything from button texts and menus to error messages, instructions, chatbots, and more. While a copywriter promotes a trip, stay, or destination, a UX writer focuses on making the booking process seamless and enjoyable for users. Rather than saying, “How should I write this?” a UX writer asks, “What content will best meet the user’s needs?”. Ensuring minimal friction and that the user is clear on what actions to take every step of the way.

Crisp and concise, never boring

By avoiding and turning robotic language like “Error, your login is incorrect” into messaging like “There’s been a mishap, we’re not sure what went wrong. Please try again”, UX writers can create a more engaging and enjoyable user experience. Moreover, well-crafted UX writing can capture users’ attention and help them navigate the product more easily, encouraging them to engage more deeply with your brand. Alongside copywriting, UX writing can infuse a brand with personality and charm. Just look at Slack and Spotify – leading the way in using a consistent voice, playful tone, and language that speak directly to your heart and mind in creating an awesome user experience.

As someone who is a seasoned copywriter and a newly certified UX writer, I believe the perfect match of both disciplines can take your brand to the next level. So, if you’re looking to achieve more with sharper content, and fewer and better words (English or Swedish), Grow is here to help.

Urban Björnstöm
Concept developer & copywriter

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