Without a purpose, everything feels pointless

Helena Helsing Mork

Some questions are bigger than others.  “Why do I go to work in the morning?”  is a question of such. If your answer is  “to make money”  and you do not work within finance,  it may be time to look at the mission or,  as we like to call it,  the purpose.  The purpose expresses why your company exists on a deeper and more existential level.  For some,  the whole business idea is born through a purpose.  For them,  the purpose is so instilled and obvious in the brand that they rather need a measurable business goal to aim for – a vision.  (We’ll get to that).  For others,  the vision is all set,  but there is a lack of a greater meaning.  Something beyond the obvious.  Something that can unite everyone internally and externally and make them open their eyes and see new opportunities for the business while working with it on an everyday basis.  That is when a purpose is needed.

Formulating this,  both explanatory and energizing,  reason to why your organization drives action forward in this world,  you need to summarize your strengths and motives in a relevant and inspiring way.  When you succeed,  you have the brand platform’s most perfect ‘aha’ experience.  A good purpose is so engaging that it could surely entertain a small dinner party.  There you sit,  pinning a pea with your fork,  explaining to your dinner guests that you,  in fact,  do not work with heavy vehicles (not even with the best heavy vehicles on the market),  no,  you tell them that you and your employees actually help people get food on their table or help them not to drown in their own garbage.  And when you are done telling your story,  and notice how your table neighbours wipe away a tear or two from their eyes – then you know that your purpose works.

And afterwards,  while you clean the table and prepare for dessert,  you can gradually start thinking about that vision of yours… What would say are your goals,  really?


Helena Helsing Mork
Concept Developer & Copywriter