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Grow is a creative branding agency in Stockholm. Since 2004, we have combined our expertise in strategy, design and communication with brand-driven business development to help our clients grow in Nordic and global markets. We have a diverse composition of talent, where every person broadens and deepens, adding on to our holistic perspective. From the start our focus has been on merging strategic and creative thinking to help executives identify and take advantages of growth opportunities.

In a world that never stands still, the future will belong to the brands that build the most meaningful connections with people. We partner with our clients to build the brands of tomorrow through strategy, innovation and design – supporting their ambitions of achieving profitable growth while taking on a greater role in people’s lives.

We grow value in the relationships between people and brands by integrating multiple areas of expertise. We work holistically and strategically, bringing a creative edge, and we believe that brands are the ultimate catalysts of change.


Grow + Digitalist – Branding agency in Stockholm

As a branding agency based in Stockholm, we work with local and global clients, ranging from large corporations to ambitious start-ups.

We are proud to now be part of Digitalist, a global customer experience innovation consultancy. Together we create engaging experiences in close partnership with our colleagues from the Digitalist network with our combined offering based in Stockholm, and additional Digitalist offices in London, Vancouver, San Francisco and Helsinki. Together, we have leading edge capabilities in brand, design, technology and CRM – enabling us to support our clients through an even wider range of engaging digital executions.

We’re fueling growth by fusing business logic with brand magic. As a leading branding agency in Stockholm we believe that brands are catalysts for growth and transformation.


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