Design Forum Talk <3 Circular Economy x Grow!

Design Forum Talk <3 Circular Economy x Grow!


Being one of the most wasteful products of our homes, cosmetics packaging is up for a makeover.  Yangi is our pioneering project that clearly showcases the tangible and intangible sides of circular design.

The Design Forum Talk < 3 Circular Economy, hosted by Design forum Finland, will take place on September 15 at 13:00 – 15:30 (CET+1)

Tune in to hear our very own Kinge Gardien talk about how the physical product can optimize value in the entire value cycle by taking you through the process for our project with Yangi,  a cosmetics packaging solution that is designed in a circular system.

“At Grow, we have a new way of working that arose from working with circular design projects. It is a collaborative approach with the parties from the entire value chain, so I will start off by telling a little about how we do that and what is important. I will tell a little about the paper bottle project, it exemplifies the way of working. Then I will continue with the case of Yangi. It is a facial cream packaging entirely made from cellulose-based materials. That is the tangible side of design, the materials, and the product. Then I will make a bridge to the intangible side of design, emphasizing that if we want to achieve the circular goals we need to dematerialize ‘value’, in other words putting more focus on the experience domain of our designs. I will continue with the case of Yangi and how to service and systems are created to optimize the circular design, and will end with some learnings about collaboration and time frames of these kinds of projects.” – Kinge Gardien

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