Grow and Open join forces to strengthen each other’s offering

Grow and Open join forces to strengthen each other’s offering


Since the beginning of the year, Grow and Open Communications, both brand and communications agencies, have collaborated on international assignments requiring a mix of strategy, design and communications expertise. During the spring, the agencies initiated discussions regarding a more formal merger, and, during the summer, they received a common owner through the Digitalist Group.

Open has now moved into a creative workspace with Grow at “A house Ark,” and the two businesses continue their exciting journey together. Both businesses are seeing rising demand for branding and communication services, particularly global experience backed by international references.

“Grow and Open are both well-established businesses with extensive experience in brand development and communications in the international arena,” says Digitalist Group CEO Magnus Leijonborg.

Grow started its operations in 2004 as a pioneer in holistic brand development, with Open launching slightly earlier as a communications agency specializing in international client assignments.

“With specialists in both brand-driven and digital transformation, Grow and Digitalist Group gain an exciting new reinforcement with the addition of Open. Together, the businesses can offer a unique level of international excellence in brand-driven business development and a wide range of services in design, digital development, content and communication,” concludes Magnus Leijonborg.