⁹lab launces Jaunt

⁹lab launces Jaunt


Today, December 02 2016 at 12.00 (GTM+1) NINE’s initiative ⁹lab is to launch the first chapter of Jaunt, with a theme of smart paper. Jaunt is an archive of creativity that nurtures ideas into tangible solutions. With the purpose of awakening the senses through innovation and exploration, Jaunt roots itself in the notion that collaboration breaks barriers.

⁹lab has created a nine-chapter event series that offers select guests a fertile canvas for solving fundamental challenges our world faces today and prototyping our way towards shaping tomorrow. As activists for conscious progress and experts in the field of innovation here at NINE, we not only treasure the journey of the process when developing new ideas, but we also witness the power and speed of innovation achieved when teams of diverse individuals work together.

Because Jaunt is as much a philosophy as it is an evolution of ideas, we bring our vision to life under a series of events we call Innovation Hackathons. Bringing together a hand-picked group of renowned brands, fierce tech leaders, “Internet of Things” experts, fearless entrepreneurs, dynamic thinkers, designers, engineers, and curious creatives, the Jaunt Innovation Hackathons are exploratory journeys aiming to fast-track the innovation pipeline through ideating and hands-on prototyping under one roof within a single day.

In collaboration with our benefactors, BillerudKorsnäs, Jaunt Chapter 01: Smart Paper unfolds for the first time on 2 December, 2016 at A House as a 12-hour workshop event that challenges guests to develop projects using this year’s theme of Smart Paper and based on pitches put forth by renowned brands in the industry categories of Fashion, Food, Sports, and Health & Beauty. In Chapter 01, we will explore, play, ideate, and prototype around how smart paper and the internet of packaging (IoP) can, and will, impact everyday lives by changing the way consumers interact with products, brands and each other.

Brand challenges: Apoteket, Axfoods, Björn Borg, Carlsberg, Fyndiq and Vitamin Well

Prototype  activation partner:  TOPP, a user experience design studio providing all participants with the ability to bring their prototypes to life

Jaunt Chapter 01 aspires to awaken discovery in places we´ve never looked before.

*If you are interested in knowing more about Jaunt or have any questions about upcoming Chapters please contact be@jaunt.se for a web access code and more information.

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