Julia makes a comeback!

Julia makes a comeback!


With almost a two-year break from NINE, where Julia worked at Spotify, we are happy to have her back to head up our Insights for Innovation capabilities. With over six years of experience working with trends and cultural insights, Julia was part of Spotify’s global Marketing Team, working with Innovation Insights and most recently, leading Spotify’s trends and cultural relevance work. All with the purpose to educate the teams on wider implications of trends and cultural shifts that can fuel innovation, service development and marketing strategies.

Having a background in the social sciences and anthropology, Julia’s interest in culture, people, societal structures and norms is continuously growing. She also stresses the value of exploratory consumer research out in “the real world,” believing this is key in gaining truly challenging and unique ideas where actionable insights can be identified and used towards innovating. Besides getting under the skin of consumers, she is also very passionate about sustainability and has specialized in research around the environmental impact of consumption. Arguing that a deep understanding of the sustainability challenges we will come to face tomorrow, on a social and environmental level, is key to innovation and future growth.

Making a comeback at NINE, Julia is ready to dive into helping clients keep ahead of it all with the must-know developments in consumption, culture and lifestyle.

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