Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017


NINE recently attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry. This year, around 110 000 people from all over the world visited the animated conference made up of eight giant warehouses filled with the latest on 5G, wearables, connected cities, smartwatches, connected cars and…connected you-name-it! And of course we weren’t only there to witness the latest mobile innovations, but also to mingle and make new connections over a tapas or two.

In a world where everything is increasingly connected, we see it as a natural circumstance that future packaging will become a new touchpoint for communication with great potential to deliver real value throughout the whole product journey. As experts in innovation packaging, we also know that real value is created not by believing that consumers want to buy technology for the sake of it, but rather something that helps them, intrigues them or makes their lives better in some way.

NINE’s mission when it comes to connected packaging is to make sure that the user is always center focus and that great design is what it looks and feels like, but also how it works and enhances or eases the daily lives of consumers.

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