Nine is growing!

Nine is growing!


It’s now official, NINE and Grow will join forces, merging as one!

We’ve kicked off the year by moving over and settling into our beautiful Grow headquarters, located at A House on Östermalmsgatan 26 in Stockholm. And, will even have representative offices in Helsinki, Oslo, and New York City. Together, we will be known as Grow.

We are now 50 colleagues with a holistic view towards brand development, carrying a wide range of expertise within design, activation, UX/UI insight, innovation and sustainable packaging development. Making us an even stronger partner, ready to support you in current and future challenges.

Our long-time majority shareholder BillerudKorsnäs will continue to be a partner, just now as a minority shareholder, becoming an even bigger client within the sphere of packaging innovation and design, insight research, and brand communication.

We welcome you to our new offices and hope to see you soon so that we can tell you more about all the new opportunities we can offer you now! Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

To sum it up, all is as it was, and even better! Can we have asked for a more promising start to a new year?

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