International Women's Day

International Women's Day


Today, International Women’s Day, we start our initiative for more girlpower in society – Tjejstafetten.

Tjejstafetten is a relay for women in several ways:

On the one hand, it is Sweden’s first public relay race for women; with loops in beautiful Lill-Jansskogen and start, change and goal at Stockholm Stadium on Saturday, October 6 – a unique venue for entertainment and events for both participants and audiences.

On the other hand, it is a relay that sends a much needed support from participating women to selected organizations that do a great job for women’s health, well-being, rights, equality and opportunities in society – by giving $ 50 each for these purposes.

Finally Tjejstafetten is a call from woman to woman to support each other in all contexts. By sharing the challenge and pepping each other, we create more female winners, not only at the Stockholm Stadium but in the community as a whole.