Wake up @NINE
Breakfast seminar

Wake up @NINE
Breakfast seminar


Way before the daily grinds of the 9-5 workday began, NINE welcomed a crowd of dynamic guests to WAKE UP! @NINE, our new Breakfast Seminar initiative which aims to educate and inspire brand leaders with some early morning food for thought about topics driving innovation.

The talk, hosted by our energetic and awesome speakers from NINE, Client Director, Sebastian Tarkowski, Insights Director, Limor Janssen, and Senior Industrial Designer, Ed Martin, touched upon the topic of When Physical Products Morph into Digital.

For a quick recap, here are the top 3 take outs:

1. Everyday objects can allow us to tell the stories of people’s lives. Use these stories to come even closer to the consumer.

2. Use digitization to move up the value chain by turning products into services, services into products, and creating new business models.

3. Start prototyping now! With Tech in the mix, we can now test products & services faster than ever before, we can see live what works and what doesn’t, allowing for a better iterative process for fast-tracked innovation.

Overall, when going from physical to digital, remember to always think, purpose! The markets are saturated with gimmicks and noise, so think of how you can add real value by becoming a seamless part of people’s lives, optimizing their every day, eliminating hassles, and being part of shaping a progressive and conscious future.

For more information about this topic and how you can innovate using digitization within physical products or on WAKE UP! @NINE Breakfast Seminars, get in touch with sebastian@nine.se. We look forward to seeing you next time!

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