Welcome as our new CEO, Martin Hörnqvist!

Welcome as our new CEO, Martin Hörnqvist!


At Grow, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Martin Hörnqvist as our new CEO. This marks a significant moment in our journey, setting the stage for a new chapter in leadership and progress. Martin steps in with a clear mission – to accelerate growth and elevate our company and client collaborations to the next level.

Grow and Martin Hörnqvist are no strangers, having worked together during his time as a client at Electrolux, where he held several key positions, including roles in marketing strategy, consumer insights, and growth. He also served as CEO of the renowned toy company Brio.

Fusing Business Logic with Brand Magic
With a solid foundation in behavioural science and research from renowned institutions such as Stockholm, Oxford, and Harvard, Martin brings a profound understanding of human behaviour and decision-making to his new role.

“I look forward to developing Grow and strengthening our position to become a global leader in helping both Nordic and international brands develop value-creating relationships with their customers,” says Martin. “As a client, I have collaborated with many different consultants and agencies, and Grow stands out with its deep understanding of the fundamental role of the brand in long-term business development. ‘Fusing Business Logic with Brand Magic’ is our hallmark, and it’s a promise we will build upon.”

Two companies, one creative force
Martin’s new role as CEO encompasses not only Grow but also our sister company, Open Communications, which has been sharing our premises since August last summer. With Digitalist Group as our common owner and a growing number of shared projects, we are well on our way to continuing our journey in brand-driven business development together.

“It feels fantastic to collaborate with Martin again, this time on the same team. His experience and qualities make him an ideal person to lead Grow and Open into the next phase of development,” says Andreas Rosenlew, working chairman and founder of Grow.

Creating value by solving real problems
Since his time at Electrolux and Brio, Martin has held various roles in different industry categories, including serving as a senior advisor for Prime Weber Shandwick and as a co-founder of the rapidly growing insights and strategy network, Strat7.

“As a former client, I understand the value of engaging with an agency that is attentive and comprehends both internal and external challenges, pragmatically solving real problems and creating long-term value with senior expertise,” adds Martin. “This forms the core of my vision for Grow, and I am convinced that it’s a quality we can take much further.”

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