A unifying brand experience of a strong family business

Building on a 170-year-old history rooted in the forest, Ahlström is one of the most prominent industrial families in Finland. The group operations include industries such
as cellulose, paper, and forestry, as well as machine- and glass manufacturing.  

To highlight the upcoming anniversary, Grow was assigned to update the group identity, visually and verbally. As often, we started the project with an insight and analysis phase. Conducting interviews with family members and employees to map a coherent group history. Seeking to understand how it has shaped the corporate culture today.

Building on the concept ”A family tradition of progress”, the new identity and storytelling was successfully brought to life across various channels, including a key messaging framework, and a 100-page coffee table book sharing the family story.

"The Ahlström book tells the proud family story, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit deeply rooted in the forest"

"The updated Infinity Tree is a family symbol representing the values passed on in the family from generation to generation"

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