Closing the loop with beauty packaging made of 100% recycled aluminium.

The future of skincare is not only more sustainable, but also more inclusive than ever. Aluni aspires to be timeless, gender neutral and efficient. Inspiring the next generation of premium beauty. The product range includes a cleanser, serum, moisturiser, eye cream and perfume. 

To challenge and influence the way we design for sustainable systems, we created Aluni – a brand and packaging concept created to explore the possibilities of a circular system for premium beauty brands.

Aluminium is a lightweight material with many unique qualities, both when it comes to usability and for resource efficiency. Its durable nature makes it perfect for a refill system and it’s also one of the most recycled materials, so our choice of material was easy.

The Aluni products are waterless and solid. This means that much less or no water at all is used in the production. Waterless formulas minimise product volumes, which also cuts down the size of the packaging. This is not only beneficial for reducing the carbon footprint but allows for easy freight and storage. To further streamline the design, we have created one packaging solution that can carry all products in the range. The three levels of the container hold different volumes and can be reused and refilled with any new Aluni product.  


Producing recycled aluminium consumes 95% less energy than virgin aluminium.

Aluminium is easy to recycle and 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use, compared to a modest 6% for all the plastic.

If you want to know more, contact Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström.