Posten / Bring

Creating an
logistics brand


In 2006, the story begins of how Grow created one of Scandinavia’s leading brands in postal and logistics services. The assignment was to transform Posten Norge from a conventional mail service to a modern provider of postal and logistics solutions. A process in which focus on design and identity, based on a strategic framework, played a key role.


With the business fast becoming more diverse, increasingly focused on e-commerce and growing stronger due to its multiple acquisitions, the need for a clearer positioning and more consolidated operations became apparent. To develop a holistic offering Posten created a closely linked logistics brand and offering targeting the Scandinavian business market.

The new brand – Bring – got its name in a process with more than 3000 proposals. Some criteria was that the name would inspire confidence, be easy to remember and pronounce. The entire assignment required Grow to develop a new connected brand platform, strategy and identity for both Posten Norge and Bring, with guidelines on hierarchy, nomenclature and naming services, implemented across all media channels.

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