Challenging one of
the most complex
and deregulated
markets in the world


Transforming the leading Nordic analogue taxi company into a digital mobility service provider with ability to compete with Uber and similar new challengers on the market.

In a world where digitalisation changes everything, taxi rides are no exceptions. 2016 more and more cars were parked – both for price-related, space and environmental reasons. An increasing number of people were skipping getting a driver’s license. Smart alternatives such as electric kick-bikes were available all over cities and flexible apps had changed our view on the business and moved it from transportation into mobility. In that context, Fågelviksgruppen (with brands like Taxi Kurir, Taxi 020 and Tob Cab) not only wanted to take part. They wanted to take lead.


To take lead you have to be relevant, smooth and clear. We wanted to support drivers and travellers by moving towards a more digital driven offering. We started by changing the name to Cabonline and gathered all our taxi brands under the same Cabonline App, covering 7000 taxis in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

A culture project was implemented, since the traveller’s experience of the ride is just one part of the holistic experience, the driver’s point of view is as important.

By refining the Cabonline-brands Taxi Kurir and Top Cab we sharpened their personality and reason to be for the different brands. The merge between Taxi 020 and Sverigetaxi 2016, led to a need for a common solution and we rebranded the new Sverigetaxi, based on the fact that this new brand is nationwide, with strong local anchorage. The visual identity clarified the origin and made Sverigetaxi an obvious choice not only for the Swedes but for tourists as well.

Developing further..

By 2019 it was time for the next step to defend our position. The new players in the business are using flexibility and price as their weapons, attracting mostly younger people, driving them between parties and clubs. Cabonline needed a competitor and jip was born, offering smoothness, quality and fair working conditions, for a fair price.

Also a growing e-market has created a need for flexible, fast and price friendly deliveries from home back to the retailer. Since the time slot when Cabonlines drivers have less to do, overlap with the time when people want help with their returns, a business opportunity was discovered. We named the offering Reliver – pick up by taxi from your door. What a relief!

If you want to know more, contact Niclas Engsäll.