Connecting parking
to consumers’ lives


Global smart-parking provider EasyPark came to Grow looking for a strategic and creative partner, with the goal of becoming the leading Nordic parking company in terms of market share.

As a brand in a low-interest service category with an ever increasing number of generic competitors popping up offering a similar product, EasyPark needed to revamp their brand to increase preference and drive likeability. Together our holistic mission comprised everything from positioning and brand concepts to content strategy, visual identity, and tonality guidelines to customer service and HR.


Through in-depth internal and external data analysis, Grow was able to start plotting the map for our collaboration going forward. The most important insight was that Easy Park needed a shift – moving from a rational to a more emotional tonality for both their brand and communication. This shift ultimately became the cornerstone of a stronger brand experience, creating a greater commitment from both existing and potential customers going forward.

A clear result of our work is that EasyPark is now perceived as the strongest brand in the category, having six times higher preference than competitors, and a notable result of 30% net growth of users within 2017 alone.

Following our close collaboration, we worked together with EasyPark to deliver a central and global steering tool for how the brand and communication should be managed, ensuring EasyPark would remain future-proof for years to come.

If you want to know more, contact Johan Almquist.