Uniting a
moving brand in
a moving world


Elisa, Finland’s leading telecommunications, ICT and online service company, is one of the most innovative and fastest expanding actors in Europe and the Nordics. To fully utilize its versatile offering, Elisa wanted to consolidate its brand strategy, architecture and identity. From a design perspective it challenged us to align a series of internal stakeholders.


Bringing together several consumer brand names into a single, unified brand, there were many identity aspects to consider. Here, design played an important role in driving change and bringing the organisation together. Elisa is a business without limitations, a moving brand in a moving world, which also had to be reflected in the new identity.

The heart of the identity consists of the new logo, developed to become an iconic wordmark and three-dimensional identifying shape, enabling a dynamic play of colour, light, movement and sound.





Projecting a more fluid company, the Elisa brand relaunch was the broadest and most visible in Finland 2014 – 15, with positive press and over 500.000 views on YouTube.





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