Creating business flow
in a world of trade
and constant movement


From oil and gas to biofuels and grains – what will tomorrow’s freighters bring to port in an era shifting from fossil goods to sustainable options? This is a long-term and challenging transformation but also a door opener for companies aiming to support customers in the transition to cleaner, more renewable resources.

One company already swiftly responding to changing needs is  tank storage company, Evos. Born through the sale of European ports from global company, Vopak and launched in October 2019. Supported by Grow throughout the entire brand creation process – from strategy and naming to identity and activation.

So, how could we create something new from what already exists? Bringing the best from the Vopak heritage, expertise and state of the art facilities, whilst at the same time creating something new; seizing the opportunities associated with being smaller and more agile and defining a common ambition for the future.


In a world of trade, powered by constant movement, delays and uncertainty, Evos offers storage, handling and distribution of crucial goods and resources to ensure they reach the right locations, businesses and people at the right time.

In order to create a strong brand and unify the internal culture, we set out to explore the industry, business and customer needs. Conducting a series of leadership interviews, employee focus groups and competitive messaging audit.  Overall, this showed that there is a united sense of excitement around operational excellence, customer-centricity and responsibility, along with a new level of agility as a long-awaited opportunity emerging for the new venture.

Out of a collaborative process, we chose the name Evos, derived from Latin evolver, meaning unfold, gradually change, develop; to evolve. And pragmatically, representing the flow of goods made possible for customers every day.

Driven by a relentless focus on removing barriers to trade, the brand platform and manifesto tells a story about a reborn tank storage company with a wealth of experience, enabling smooth customer business – summed up by the purpose:

Creating business flow, to unlock opportunities for our customers.

Combined with a unique composition of distinctive corporate colours and clean, straightforward typography, the Evos’ logo wordmark serves as a beacon for a dynamic and playful expression. Using electric blue for a confident look and the letter E as a symbol for a sense of movement in all aspects of the business.

If you want to know more, contact Elsa Victorin.