Explore Arlandastad

Putting an area of possibilities on the map

When the untapped yet easily accessible area south of Arlanda finally got a detailed development plan, Arlandastad Group needed to put it on the map. Giving it a clear position and brand experience for stakeholders to establish their businesses in this area.

We started by defining the higher purpose as “In the closest growth area in Sweden, we offer you space to think big.” Based on insight and framing of the branding platform it provided direction for a creative naming process. And voila! – Explore Arlandastad was born.

To give the area a strong recognition, we created a communication concept and a visual identity based on the brand promise, “Space to think big”. Guiding and inspiring all our efforts, not least when designing the multifaceted logo that captures the many opportunities that Explore Arlandastad has to offer, both for settlers and visitors. 

Eventually, we developed a concrete marketing plan to implement the strategy and take the brand to market.

The symbol can evolve infinitely. It’s creative and different from other players in the same industry – as Explore Arlandastad itself.

If you want to know more,  please contact Elsa Victorin