A rebranding journey
across the strait
(how to launch a blue
brand turning green)


HH Ferries came to us with a vision to become the most sustainable transport company in the region. They needed a new brand platform, a new name and a new visual identity. And they needed their ferries to be the obvious way across the strait – for pleasure as well as pure transportation, for Danish people as well as Swedes. As a part of the sustainable journey, two of their ferries will from now on operate fully on battery power, which make the route between Helsingborg and Helsingør not only the smoothest, but also the greenest.


To define, design and name the new brand, we investigated a number of areas to frame insights about what drives demand and what is required to build competitiveness in the market place. Research, stakeholder interviews and workshops led to the conclusion that the ferry-line is the regional connector of people – an institution as important for the infrastructure as for personal amusement – fueled by the opportunities of tomorrow. We also framed our customers into six key segments. They all had different needs of transportation and pleasure, but they shared the need of moments well spent.

The insights and the brand platform were our fundament when transforming the brand from being just a transportation brand, to a service experience brand. It also led into the naming process. With the sea as an obvious habitat, and water being an important environmental question, we wanted the name to capture that as well. Out from 300+ names we extracted ForSea, a name that besides the obvious gives us a future proof flavor, addressing that we take the lead in development, technical as well as offering vise.

The fact that the ferry-route is important to connect people, businesses and regions, was also something that we took to our heart when developing the visual identity. A green line in the logo symbolizes a sustainable meeting between countries, ideas and people.

The battery power became our spearhead when launching our new Identity. 200 specially invited journalists and stakeholders from were invited to the opening of the sustainable ferry-line – and as a surprise, they saw a new brand come to life. 22 000 people travelled the strait during the first day, to experience “the world’s first high-intensity battery-operated ferry line.”


If you want to know more, contact Elsa Victorin.