Grand Cuisine

Bringing professional
standards to
private kitchens


To kick-start the global awareness and demand of Grand Cuisine, the professional cooking system redesigned for the private home, it was introduced during a design week in London. With the world watching, all products and marketing material, before and after the launch, have been characterised by uncompromising standards of performance and design.


A major task was to come up with a name and approach that would resonate with the discerning target audience. The sparkling result – Grand Cuisine by Electrolux conveys the pedigree and the positioning of a new, ultra-luxury kitchen range.

A key consumer insight indicated the importance of key opinion leaders and ‘gatekeepers’ serving as main influencers for the Grand Cuisine target market. Grand Cuisine’s communication materials, therefore, had to be as engaging and stimulating to interior designers and media commentators as they were to the end user.

From an iPad app to a lavish hardback volume for prospective purchasers, the Grand Cuisine story had to be consistent, aspirational and authentic. Through videos, sales materials, look books, showrooms, online inspiration and showcases we have conveyed the meticulousness, passion and creativity of the Electrolux Grand Cuisine story. In several cases together with food-savvy profiles such as designer Jade Jagger and star chef Björn Frantzén.

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