Sharpening the edge through a co-learning mindset

Holmen Iggesund

 Sometimes product recognition can compete with and be even stronger than the corporate identity behind them. This was part of the case when Holmen Iggesund approached Grow, seeking to strengthen the corporate brand that promotes some of the world’s most premium paper boards. 

Following a company merger a few years back, it was clear to us that Holmen Iggesund needed a brand repositioning to make progress. Shifting from being a premium paperboard company to becoming the quality paperboard company for purposeful solutions, with a co-learning mindset 

This purposeful approach and shift in mindset were eventually brought to life through the new communication concept “Be part of what’s next”, inviting conscious brand owners to collaborate and explore new customer needs and opportunities through knowledge-sharing and dialogue.

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"Purposeful by nature – a brand promise that requires us to be conscious and to better address the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. In a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, a co-learning approach is crucial to meet the customer needs that truly matter"