Indy Beauty

Making beauty feel good

Indy Beauty stands for independent beauty – beauty on your terms and for your own sake. The brand offers a comprehensive beauty range with quality in focus. Products with active caring ingredients that strengthen your skin and your hair, developed to give results but at a reasonable price.

Indy Beauty has been a successful brand since the launch in 2017, but needed after some years to strengthen the brand, communication, visual identity and packaging design, and that’s when Grow came in.

Changing the norms together.
We created a brand promise, “Making beauty feel good,” based on the idea that beauty is not an unattainable ideal or someone else’s opinion of how you look, but about feeling good on the inside as well as the outside. Guided by that thought we created a communication concept, a visual identity and packaging design. By highlighting realistic ideals of beauty in communication, we encourage a kinder less critical view of ourselves and each other. We also promoted the power of togetherness because together we can make a difference, change old norms and look at ourselves with new eyes.

Recognition all the way.
The packaging range needed a clear portfolio architecture to guide the consumer to find the right product. The colored sections, a clear and bold logotype together with a clarified layout structure made it unique, approachable, and inclusive. The products content lists were written in a encouraging tone of voice, filled with recognition. The design was also create to adapt to several sizes and formats, creating a system that is both modern, recognisable and flexible but at the same time making every product shine.

Looking beyond the packaging range we also developed the overall feeling of the brand where the imagery style, typography, colours and layout was included to make the brand corelate with the brand promise.

If you want to know more, contact Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström.