Infinite Skincare Science


Estetiskt Hudläkarcentrum – EHLC – was known and respected as a physical clinic for skin problems and esthetic surgery. With the ambition to broaden their offering to cover digital business as well, a need for a more appealing name and tonality arose. EHLC wanted to reach new clients through a new identity, without losing their existing ones.


Defining assets that are important to the brand became the starting point of our work. The brand had to stand for innovation and knowledge as well as care and well-being. In addition, the need to address the clinic’s focus on the individual was also of great importance. The resulting solution is a creative, self-made and therefore ownable name capturing the innovative, intelligent and infinite skincare we want to deliver: Inskinity.

The visual identity was designed to embody the essential and unique focus Inskinity offers every individual they treat, as well as the innovative healthcare they provide. The stripped-down logo, with an embedded eternity symbol referring to the infinite bounds of their approach, together with a natural color palette and a sophisticated typographic world, creates a visual environment that reflects the advanced and reliable beauty and healthcare institution that Inskinity has become.

If you want to know more, contact Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström.