Introducing a
smooth challenger on
the Nordic taxi market
to own the night


The cab industry has been under a lot of pressure from international players residing in the Nordics, charging customers and screening drivers on their own terms. Like many other traditional taxi brands, Cabonline was not only losing rides on evenings and weekends, but drivers as well. Given these uncertain times, Cabonline identified a growing need for a new challenger on the market. They approached Grow to create a completely new brand, driving flexibility and price to deliver more value for all.


Evenings were mainly run by the market’s newer players, attracting mostly younger people looking to be driven between parties and clubs. Considering that the competition hadn’t actually targeted themselves towards any specific group of customers, the strategic objective was to beat them at their own game. As a brand-new part of the Cabonline Group, jip, the younger rebellious sibling of the Cabonline family, was born. A challenger embracing a much more playful and agile presence – offering smoothness, quality and fair working conditions, all at a fair price.

The isolated Norwegian student town of Trondheim became the primary test location for launching jip and its new business model. Making the most of the media budget, Grow was also tasked to create buzz without spending a lot of money, a challenge that was approached through the clever use of viral tactics. Ultimately, this approach not only resonated well with the selected target group, but also received a lot of media recognition in Norway, everywhere from state TV to podcasts and social media. It appears that people across the country could relate to jip’s messaging and loved their personal quirky tone – resulting in a lot of traffic visiting the jip website just for the humour alone.

Since the trial launch, jip has been a great success and the rides are only increasing. Today jip cars are now rolling in the streets of Oslo, Bergen, as well as in Gothenburg, Sweden and soon Uppsala.

If you want to know more, contact Niclas Engsäll.