Keeping a rapidly
expanding company
sharp and consistent


Jurek started as experts within law and finance recruitment but had – through organic and acquired growth – become strong within other disciplines as well. After two recent acquisitions, Jurek needed to relate to two individually strong brands and cultures that had now become part of the company portfolio. With more potential acquisitions in the pipeline, they also needed to understand how they should act when similar situations would arise in the future.

To answer these questions, Jurek partnered with Grow+Digitalist to come up with a brand portfolio strategy & architecture. This was followed by creating a new visual brand identity and a communication concept that could give the brand one consistent voice.


After evaluating strategic directions for Jurek, we landed in a branded house strategy that would build further on Jurek’s strong position and that would support the stated ambition of the business. A system of descriptors where introduced to signal different competences and offerings for external clarity to Jurek’s clients as well as their talents.

When it came to the visual brand identity the ambition was to further strengthen Jurek’s position as a dynamic and progressive player in an otherwise quite traditional and conservative market. This was very much addressed in the new logotype and the graphic elements. The photography was evolved to become more authentic, inviting and personal.

Based on the fact that a perfect recruitment is built on insight and knowledge, rather than chance, friendship and gut feelings, we developed the concept “Ingen lek”. A tone of voice far from industry standard and with immediate recognition.


If you want to know more, contact Niclas Engsäll.