Munken by Arctic Paper

Creating genuine
with paper


We live in a world of paradoxes, where our drive to explore and develop the virtual, digital and abstract coexist with a craving for the authentic, real, hand-made and genuine. This reasoning was essential in one of our many assignments to promote Munken, a major brand of high-quality graphic papers from leading European producer, Arctic Paper.

Paper is a physical product with the ability to create unique experiences through its tactile and sensory properties. And what is more real than what can be perceived with our senses?

To inspire creative teams across Europe, we wanted to go all the way, showing and telling about Munken fine papers through truly powerful and emotional design and storytelling.


On the theme ‘Paper is for real’ we created a series of inspirational books about the human senses – taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch – and through a variety of printing techniques simultaneously tickled all the senses to experience the paper in its full potential. We also created a book about intuition, which is often referred to as the sixth sense.

The book series won gold in category “Information – Print” at the Swedish Design Awards 2015 where the prize was received by Art Director Johan Arensberg.

If you want to know more, contact Elsa Victorin.