The creation and
launch of the
Paulig Incubator


How can a proud family business with traditions dating back to 1879 become one of Europe’s most forward-looking companies within its category?

Driven by an ambition to impact the future of taste, food and beverage company Paulig nurtures a strong focus on innovation, which in 2017 sparked a new challenge for Grow: to develop and launch an incubator for radical innovation and new ventures in and around the food industry. In other words, the incubator should be a green-house and catalyst for new ideas, enabling new products, concepts, services, and brands, and looking far beyond everyday development. What do culinary habits look like in five, ten or twenty years? What do we eat? When, how, where – and why?


Not knowing what the end result would be, the PINC brand experience was a co-creative process – from naming, storytelling, visual identity and tonality to a range of applications, including printed and digital materials to film, packaging, events and office interiors.

PINC is an acronym for Paulig Incubator. The naming process included a series of workshops. From more than 300 names, a top list of five was explored and conceptualised, sparking imagination through storytelling, mood boards, symbols and rough draft logo-typing.

As a satellite to Paulig, the PINC visual identity should reflect the radical innovation approach, with connections to the mother brand such as colours, body copy typeface and other key elements in Paulig’s visual identity.

Located in A-house, at the heart of Stockholm, PINC is a place for new thoughts, new perspectives and insights on food and drink. The external launch in April 2018 was a fantasy experience triggering all senses, based on the famous novel and film Alice in Wonderland.

Highly Commended, Best Naming Strategy, Transform Awards, 2019
Highly Commended, Best Development of a New Brand within an Existing Brand Portfolio, Transform Awards, 2019

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