The world’s number one entertainment hub wanted to express their vision of Making ideas pop.

Pophouse is the hub of well-known brands within stage performances, arenas, hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, e-sport, and podcasts. With a strong aspiration to become the obvious choice in a world of entertainment, they trusted Grow to bring their brand to life by creating the vision, purpose and value proposition. Guiding us through the creative brand development into a bold expression – Making ideas pop.

The new logo is the hub of the visual identity –  with the nature of its forms inspired by the fusion of smaller units merging to create something bigger. The result is a word mark, which depending on context can be filled with visual material, representing different expressions and energies. By combining the logo with vibrant imagery, calm typography, and contrasting colours, we have created a visual identity based on structured chaos, reflecting the dynamism and contrasts within Pophouse.

In a competitive sector, Pophouse aims to fuse its passion for entertainment with an inspirational goal to create a richer life for the many.

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