Ramlösa — Classic Range

Finding the future in our history

The Ramlösa brand has been an integral part of consumers’ daily lives ever since its first factory was built in 1912, and the history dates back even longer, to the 1700s. As a trusted provider of high-quality mineral water Ramlösa has become a household name across Scandinavia.

When Grow got the honor to modernize the Classic Range the challenge was accepted with equal parts curiosity about the future and respect for a centuries-old history. The redesign of the icon draws inspiration from our rich history. The full range has been modernized, but with old assets being brought back. The brand patterns are a reintroduction from the old labels now combined with tasteful colors. Together with the original brand shape of the labels, and the white background reflecting the fresh mineral water, it creates a strong foundation for the new label design. The portrait of Johan Döbelius has also been updated and simplified to both meet modern printing standards but also giving him the love, he deserves.