Tata Steel

Changing the
perception of
what a steel can
can be


Canned foods have looked the same for 200 years – TATA Steel Protact® want to challenge this by primarily create an award-winning concept, based Protact® their unique steel material – turning a commodity to desirability. Secondary, they wanted to display the material benefits, features and new Protact® concept, in an informative and inspirational way.


Through conceptual design exploration and development we were able to address a wide range of challenges in a simple, yet flexible and elegant, solution that completely changes the perception of the steel can. By reducing the number of components we are able to create a new base shape that not only uses less material but also significantly reduces food waste, while providing almost limitless potential for unique expression and shelf impact to the benefit of Brand Owners and end consumers alike. Making the shift from a commodity to desirability.

To spread the word in an easy accessible way to the target group we created The Protact® Style Guide to captivate and persuade the reader of the possibilities of Protact®. The purpose of the Style Guide was to shift the perception of steel, establishing a more sustainable position building on the pioneering spirit of TATA Steel. The Protact® Style Guide is focused on future inspiration and functionality as a vehicle to communicate a sustainable future through technical innovation. The tonality draws strength from the circularity of steel, the innovative material Protact® through: Technically advanced sketches & renderings, combining future innovation & nature, monochromatic with dabs of contrasting colour, modern infographics, functional rather than emotional.

Outstanding Achievement Award, The Dieline Awards, 2018

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