We are changing the bottle industry for good


What once started as an innovation project within BillerudKorsnäs eventually became its own company and brand with a clear long-term goal – to make a fully biodegradable paper bottle. As their brand and design partner, we asked ourselves:  How should this company look, walk and talk to make an impact? Not like everybody else, seemed like a given answer.

At Grow, we have been part of the entire journey, from naming, brand strategy, visual identity, story, communication and more. Resulting in Paboco, the paper bottle company, a bold brand and business with a mission to reduce everyday plastics and shape everyday life for the better. Together, we are here on a mission – to change the bottle packaging industry for good.

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We aim to challenge conventional
packaging and developing alternatives
that will one day become the norm.

One challenge was to create a form
and identity that could appeal to a broad
range of potential brand owners.