The communication concept – the 3D effect of the brand platform

Helena Helsing Mork

Sometimes, the best way to describe something is to point out a situation where this particular “something” is missing. When you are hit by communications you like, but still can’t remember the sender, it might be the communication concept that is missing. Someone clearly had a good idea, a sharp pen, or an eye for visual solutions – but a consistent voice heard in all communication, on all platforms where the brand is present, seems to be missing. The communication might not even be based on the strategic platform! You heard me – this is serious stuff.

For anyone who agrees that communication is the answer to everything; the communication concept is a favourite. The purpose is irresistible: to convey and bring to life the brand and the offering so that it reaches the target audience in the best possible way. Who would not want that?

Concept vs campaign

There are four gates on the road to success: Creative height – will the concept cut through the noise and grab attention? Width – does it work on all platforms and markets? Depth – is it brand-relevant and grounded in the strategy? Length – does the creative direction last over time, or is it more of a flash in the pan?

That last one is not the least important. It is the long-term aspect that differentiates a concept from a campaign. Where campaigns are related to specific offerings or communication needs, a good concept should generate relevant ideas for these campaigns for several years. That is how you build your brand.

Transposed into restaurant lingo…

Let us say that the Italian Restaurant (concept) may have a piccata theme week (campaign). Since the Italian Restaurant in this example is the only one of its kind, they can confidently run a pizza theme for their next campaign period. Everyone will know that it is the Italians talking. With the right ingredients and a little bit of luck, with this strategy, the entire city is waiting in line for a table during the Lady & Lufsen theme week at the end of the year. That is how you work with campaigns. If the concept is crystal clear.


Helena Helsing Mork
Concept developer & copywriter

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