Fiskars Group

A design pioneer with a 374-year brand heritage

Founded in 1649, Fiskars Group is one of the world’s oldest companies. With its roots in the village of Fiskars it is today a global group of design-led brands related to the home, outdoor activities, and interior decoration. Its key brands include Fiskars, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Wedgwood, and Waterford.

The Group brand was born in 2018, out of a need to recognise and talk about the corporate organisation and its brand portfolio. The identity moved the group far away from the well-known and much-loved commercial master brand (Fiskars), with an expression that could be seen to somewhat compete with the portfolio brands. So, Fiskars Group came to Grow for guidance. 

We did a thorough deep-dive into the legacy and strategy of the group and portfolio brands, involving many employees from across the business. Through this comprehensive analysis, we established a clear opportunity to strengthen the group identity by bringing it closer to the consumer master-brand (Fiskars) and leverage its value, while preserving a clear separation to effectively support the diverse portfolio of strong consumer brands. 

Merging history with modernity

At the heart of the new visual identity, we merged history with modernity – to express expertise, quality, and innovation. Our approach also struck a balance between distinctiveness and the necessary neutrality that allowed the commercial brands to shine. 

Furthermore, we established the Group’s brand architecture, exploring and defining endorsement strategies, and addressing destination and employer branding across the portfolio. Finally, we devised a comprehensive rollout plan to support the launch and activation of the new identity and narrative, both within the organisation and to the wider world. 

Working closely with the client team, we redefined the purpose to make it more distinct and directive for the entire group: 

Pioneering design to make the everyday extraordinary

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