Revitalising a cognac classic

Grönstedt, originally created by Johan Daniel Grönstedt in 1846, is to date the only Cognac that has been allowed to age outside of France. Making it a rewarding challenge for Grow as we were trusted to not only revitalise the brand towards a more premium position, but to simultaneously make it more accessible to the consumer.

Inspired by the nickelodeon music scrolls of the 19th century, the new identity visualises the synergy between the emotion of music and the binary language of sensory perception. With 170 years of tradition and experience, Grönstedts looks to combine Swedish functional design with French craftsmanship. 

For the first time we see a range of Cognac that allows clear navigation through understanding the value and purpose of each product. From flavour notes and
blend to function and quality, The result is an elegant information design that both educates and challenges the consumer.

From flavour and blend to function and quality, every aspect has been taken into consideration. The core of the Grönstedts redesign is a system that allows the consumer to decipher the notes and nuances of each product within the range.

If you want to know more, contact Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström.