MR Cake

Welcome to a world of sweet joy

MR Cake, is not an ordinary café. It’s more. It’s a world of sweet joy, here to create experiences beyond the everyday for their customers. Because MR Cake believes there is always room for something extra. An unexpected touch, a new flavor, a scent to remember, a welcoming smile. Or, as they put it; the feeling of a MR Cake moment.

To strengthen the brand experience, Grow was assigned to create a strong brand position and updated the visual identity in all its entities. The iconic logotype has been revisited to create an expressive and contemporary design. Making it bold and proud. With the brand focus on creating a more-is-more feeling in each detail, the packages and identity were designed and executed to meet this ambition. Just in line with the brand experience, the verbal tonality is of course also delivered with an unexpected touch.

The broad colour palette is the foundation of the identity. Reflecting both the playfulness but also all kinds of flavours and seasons. Solid colour blocks and shapes, together with playful stickers, allow for flexibility where the logotype can be enlarged to create a strong recognition and make it extraordinary in every way.

If you want to know more, contact Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström.