Bauer Media

Positioning Bauer Media Audio for the future

The audio industry is undergoing a significant transformation. While traditional radio may be struggling to keep up with the pace of change, the consumer appetite for audio content is growing like never before. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for Bauer Media — harnessing its power as a true hybrid of on-air, on-demand, and online audio — to establish a leading position in a market where tech platforms and content distributors are all competing for the same space. Together, we began by defining Bauer Media Audio’s brand strategy.

The go-to powerhouse of audio-first entertainment.
Following a deep-dive analysis of the market, competitors, and consumer trends, we articulated a radically simple, actionable, and emotional brand platform that moved the Bauer Media Audio business from being associated with a medium to being associated with entertainment at scale. This transformation was captured in the brand essence Making Content Resonate – a single statement designed to convey the answer to “why choose us” across all target groups, while simultaneously uniting the different internal business units under one brand.

The sound effect
The communication challenge was clear: how could we find a distinct and direct voice that would capture and represent the potential of audio based on content rather than emphasizing distribution and platforms like most competitors? In creating the communication concept and copy style, we stretched the brand essence to what really matters: the sensorial experience.

The result was concise: The sound effect. This concept is flexible and adaptable for all target audiences, different applications, and contexts, and the tone of voice conveys emotions and embraces the entire spectrum of effects that sound can evoke, without limitation on how, where, and when it will be applied.

Together with Bauer Media, we have also developed the brand architecture and hierarchy of the audio business and created a brand and product portfolio framework guiding the audio product portfolio.

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