Tetra Pak

Enhancing sustainability through a 3-dimensional sensory experience

Tetra Pak is a respected leader combining food safety, sustainability, and product solutions. Around the world, they host several Customer Innovation Centres (CIC) where visitors are invited to take part in the offering and brand experience in so called Product Rooms.

Over several assignments, Grow was entrusted to revamp these rooms, starting with pioneering assignments for Customer Innovation Centres in Sweden and Vietnam with a long-term intention to implement the same approach for all CICs across the globe.

Our first task was to create an overarching concept for an immersive experience that engaged and nurtured a dialogue on site at Tetra Pak’s office in Lund, Sweden. Triggering us to gather inspiration from nature, including furniture in authentic shapes, natural materials, and fabrics.

We also added interactive elements and holograms showcased on an 8-metre-wide screen. In all, our work covered Tetra Pak’s sustainability initiatives – from concept development and communication strategy, interior design, industrial design, and content production.

Our approach for the Vietnam CIC was similar, but our assignment was limited to develop and bring to life a concept using 3D renderings. Considering the unique local conditions and settings to enhance the brand experience and interaction.

With these new experience rooms in Sweden, the immersive content and interactivity came together to keep our customer both inspired and actively engaged.

The concept in Vietnam gathered inspiration from nature itself, including furniture in authentic shapes, natural materials and fabrics.

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