Linas Matkasse

Linas Matkasse went from being pioneers to a healthier option for families

Founded in 2008, ”Linas Matkasse” is a frontrunner in the food delivery segment. Since then, the market has become highly competitive. To secure the number one brand position as well as continuous growth, Lina’s has implemented a new business model, including significant changes in service and offering. Increasing the need to shift their brand positioning – from being the industry pioneer to a provider of healthier options for families.

This new approach demanded a visual identity that expressed the brand personality – uncomplicated, humble and inspiring. Grow developed it to reflect the changes and effectively communicate the new brand position as well as opening up for brand expansion. The new visual identity defines an expression that embraces inspiration and premium quality with a distinct connection to food and the dinner table.

The colours are based on a warm and modern palette with clear associations to taste. 
Together with a bold and proud typography, the new identity of Linas Matkasse comes to life.

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